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Sydney Obstacle Race Training Facility

that will improve your fitness in a fun, structured and supportive atmosphere.

Are you bored with a repetitive, mundane training routine?

Many people feel unsatisfied with their fitness program because they’re not achieving the results they’re after. It’ a shame so many people waste money, on unused gym memberships and unnecessary supplements – proving minimal fitness results.

Join Sydney's Leading Obstacle Race Training Facility.

We do things very differently at The WorkShed in Randwick:

The Workshed offers an endless range of timed exercise routines that ensure each session is rarely the same. Functional equipment including ropes, tyres, sleds, pull up bars, weighted vests, kettlebells, weights and sandbags to name a few. ensure you are well prepared for any obstacle race.

With a focus on primal movements, improved strength and conditioning, plus better athletic performance members train to dominate obstacle races, look and feel great and can more easily conquer everyday physical challenges.

Sydney Obstacle Race Training

"No mirrors, no fancy pin loaded equipment, no ego!
Just a place to come train hard and enjoy the company of others is how I would describe my visit to The Workshed."


Paddy Delohery - Fit in Sydney review

Indoor & outdoor training

Spartan Race Training on Coogee Beach

Below Rob Derbyshire founder and owner of The WorkShed trains with Max Delacey CEO of Spartan Race Australia.

Real People. Real Training... Unreal Results!

Our focus is...

To get you lean, toned and in great shape faster than other fitness program

To track your progress in every workout, so you maintain amazing progress

To ensure you are challenged and have FUN in each workout

We offer personalised obstacle race training programs

We provide 6, 8 and 10-week training programs leading up to most popular Sydney obstacle course races throughout the year including

  • Warrior Dash
  • True Grit
  • Spartan Race
  • Tough Bloke & Touch Chick Challenge
  • Tough Mudder
  • Stadium Stomp
Obstacle Race Sydney




We work with a variety of people from those looking to shed a few pounds through to elite athletes looking to maintain their fitness edge. 

Check out our members testimonials.

Vanessa & Daniela

“We recently started training at the WorkShed and after 1 month we are feeling stronger, sleeping better and on our way to achieving our health and fitness goals.”

Vanessa & Daniela

“Training at the WorkShed has impacted my health, fitness and lifestyle dramatically. The diversity of the exercises means you are constantly out of your comfort zone. You gain more results than any other gym programs. Rob is able to cater the programs to how I am feeling that day, what I want to test or to just give me a motivational push! I have not only gained successful results in my health and fitness but it has also influenced my strength and ability to progress in my yoga practice.”


“The WorkShed is truly a different fitness regime. I built my strength as well as my fitness and health in a fun environment. I have been training at ‘normal gyms’ for 25+ years and the WorkShed is the most inspiring place I have been to in a long time! “


“Great system that includes random programs that keeps my body stimulated. Also as a Fire Fighter, the training is perfect to prepare me for my job.”


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