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Small group, personalised training getting Real Results!

Structured workouts remain varied, functional and measured – so you get fast results.

Small Group Personal Training

Small group training offers personalised service at affordable group rates. We limit our memberships to ensure you get guidance from expert personal trainers, unlike taking a class in a franchise gym. These sessions incorporate Rob’s F.A.S.T.E.R. method of training (Fitness And Strength Timed Exercise Routines) which has been proven to maximise your results. Each session is tailored to your goals including fat loss & tonight, muscle gain, improved athletic performance or simply to feel great every day.  

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Obstacle Race Training

We specialise in training clients for popular obstacle courses including Spartan, Tough Mudder and True Grit to name a few. Whether you want to keep up with a friend or lead the pack our programs will help. Each session gets timed allowing you to benchmark, track and improve your own performance each session. We encourage all clients to pay an interest in their progress and keep ongoing records of their goals, attendance, nutrition and training progress.  

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5 Week Fitness Challenges

We run regular 5 week fitness challenges designed to get you in shape and feeling great. All challenges utilise a mixture of strength, CrossFit and cardio based exercises to improve overall fitness. The 5 week fitness challenge is a great introduction to The Work Shed and functional training. The small group personalised training format provides help with technique plus motivation and encouragement from other participants and staff. Check out our blog for more details about the latest challenge and prices.  

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Mums Small Group Sessions

Our mid-morning sessions are popular with mums looking to achieve real world and functional fitness. Session consists of cardio and resistance based exercises great for weight loss, muscle tone & strength. Each workout covers all important factors of an effective training session including posture, safety, pushing at an appropriate intensity and facilitating good technique. Our workouts help teach fundamental movement patterns and clients quickly progress to very high levels of functional movements.  

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Active Kids Fitness

We all know that bodies in motion stay in motion. Our Active Kids Fitness program will challenge your child on an individual level with all the benefits of a group environment. This new program will teach your children about the importance of movement, fitness and maintaining good posture. At the same time it will improve their strength, co-ordination, speed and self confidence.  

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1 -1 Personal Training

Personal Training at My Exercise Coach is perfect for those who need extra attention from some of Sydney's most experienced personal trainers. You get 100% attention from your trainer, receive a customised and well thought out program and receive immediate feedback during your session. Our staff are dedicated to making you accountable and helping you be as consistent as possible with your training and positive lifestyle behaviours.  

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