About The WorkShed

What is The Workshed?

The Workshed is a private training facility in The Spot Randwick that focuses on functional movements and getting results.

Workouts within The Workshed are similar to exercise routines Rob Derbyshire was completing during military training 20 years ago, plus his numerous years of experience working as a personal trainer add to their effectiveness. The science and popularity of Cross Fit, of which Rob is a certified Level 1 trainer, has taken the structure and options to a new level.

How is The Workshed designed?

The Workshed is designed to feel like training outdoors with a large open space, so clients can move in a way free of restrictions; but with specially chosen equipment to challenge all movement patterns. Functional movements come in the form of Push / Pull / Twist / Lunge / Squat / Bend and combinations of each. There is deliberately very little, if any, sitting down during training sessions. Weighted objects in the form of tyres, sleds, balls, ropes and more are maneuvered in a way that challenges strength, stability and fitness. The movements are integrated for upper and lower body training together. Core activation and good posture are required for every lift or routine.

What equipment is used at The Workshed?

Ropes, tyres, sleds, pull up bars, weighted vests, squat racks, fitballs, medicine balls, kettlebells, olympic barbells, dumbells, box jumps to name a few.

What can people expect from training in The Workshed?

Results both from a performance and aesthetic perspective = Increased work capacity through all components of fitness.


Pay as you go. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.

All Memberships Include Exercise Physiology

(Covered by Medicare/Healthfunds),(Optional)

Result Guaranteed in 8 Weeks!

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Flexible start times helps make every workout convenient

24/7 access to The WorkShed

After completing an introductory period (where new members are inducted into The Workshed and their technique is supervised and assessed) members can gain access to The Workshed 24/7 to train.*

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