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Are you ready for Spartan Sydney?

Join Sydney's Leading Obstacle Race Training Facility.



Do you need something different to break out of a mundane training grind? Are you lacking motivation to start or have you hit a training plateau?

Drawing on years of experience, fitness lecturer at The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT) Rob Derbyshire has created The Workshed; a private and functional fitness training facility at The Spot in Randwick.

  • Fitness Training You'll Love

    The Workshed offers an endless range of timed exercise routines that ensure each session is rarely the same. Functional movements mixed up in various combinations provide a fun and rewarding full body workout that gets great fitness results.

  • Improved athletic perfromance

    With a focus on primal movements, improved strength and conditioning, plus better athletic performance members train to dominate obstacle races, look and feel great, and can more easily conquer everyday physical challenges.

  • Results Guaranteed

    We guarantee that our fitness program will help you towards your goals. If you stick to our training program for at least 12 weeks and eat a healthy balanced diet, we guarantee you will get results. How good is that?


Offering small group, personalised training that gets Real Results!

Real People. Real Training... Unreal Results!

Functional Training

Functional movements in the form of push, pull, twist, lunge, squat, bend make it easier to tackle everyday tasks and challenges.

Improved Fitness

Consistent training will result in increased metabolism, improved power, strength, agility, aerobic fitness and mobility.

Obstacle Ready

Obstacle skills training including rope climbs, tyre flips, wall traverse, farmers carry, sled push and pulls, crawls and more.

"No mirrors, no fancy pin loaded equipment, no ego!
Just a place to come train hard and enjoy the company of others is how I would describe my visit to The Workshed."


Paddy Delohery - Fit in Sydney review

We Prepare Clients For

Obstacle Racing Sydney